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by Yeehaw!

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Dylan Ewen: Vocals
Matt Politoski: Guitar/Vocals
Cooper Leardi: Guitar
Sai Boddupalli: Bass/Vocals
Alex Pickert: Drums/Vocals

Gang vocals provided by:
Sean Duffy, Mike Nevin, Virginia Wright, Mateo Garcia and Zach Weeks

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Zach Weeks at Maximum Sound in Danvers, MA and The Amy Winehouse in Allston, MA

All songs written by Yeehaw! with the help of Sean Duffy on Whatever, Dude

Released by Broken World Media


released July 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Yeehaw! Boston, Massachusetts

RIP YEEHAW 2014-2015

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Track Name: Thanks Somãge
You said you're looking for some conversation
I said that I was looking for my keys
It's pretty awesome that you're fucking boring
You're boring me to sleep

As soon as I walked out the door it felt so good
The air was cold as it hit deep in my lungs
I felt like I was ditching a bad habit
I was good and done
Track Name: Underdog Season
Early twenties and you're sick of everything
You have a job, you make barely what you need
You live at home with your expensive college degree
But it's okay because your parents let you live there for free

Your little sister's car is what you use

To get around your town, oh I thought you moved
Well not yet I spent my savings all on booze
And a full sleeve of black tattoos

And all your friends are quickly moving on
To better things, yeah they're all in a really good spot
You tell yourself that they've given up on what
They used to dream of, on what they really want

I'd like to think that I'm too strong to bend
I'll never compromise but then again
I'm in a basement yelling at fifteen kids
Who've never heard of my band, who don't give a shit

So who's the winner now, who really takes the crown?
So who's the winner, I don't know
Track Name: Everybody Else
Feeling sad and defeated 
I sit here by myself
I never thought I'd end up
Like everyone else 

I know I'm weak like the rest
Though I've felt strong in the past
Alone and stripped of my friends 
I repeat to myself 

I'm just like everybody else
I'm just like everybody else
I'm just like everybody else
I'm just like everybody 

Feeling like a tool 
Realizing I'm not so cool 
That I'm a fucking fake  
Like the kids I hated in high school 

I turned out like them 
And when I look at myself 
All I see is how I've failed
All I see is how I've failed 

I'm just like everybody else
I'm just like everybody else
I'm just like everybody else
I'm just like everybody 
Track Name: McDonalds
I eat fast food when I'm feeling depressed
I work a shitty minimum wage job but I got a sense
That I deserve something more than I get
And I know it makes no sense cause I'm a piece of

Shit, when did growing up mean getting more boring and dull
And doing the same routine everyday
I went to college and look what it got me
Four years later and I'm still stuck in the same place

I read Chad Kultgen when I'm feeling depressed
I turn the pages, stare at the ceiling while I lay in bed
All day and only jack off when I need a break
From feeling hopeless and wishing I was

Dead, man but what the fuck
I guess I got a lot of luck
Hang out with my friends
Complain, go to McDonalds

But is this all there is?
I love the idea of sleeping
But can't stand the thought of waking up tomorrow
Track Name: Whatever, Dude
I don't care who you saw at the show
All the underground bands you know
I'm starting to figure out
That there's so much that I don't care about

Wondering why I give valuable time
To people who don't care if I live or I fucking die

Constantly anxious in my skin
So sick of always wishing
I was someone else
I'm just so sick and tired of myself

And I don't know what I want
I thought I knew but I was wrong

Constantly anxious in my skin
So sick of always wishing
I was someone else
I'm just so sick and tired of myself
Track Name: Thanks A Lot!
How's your band doing?
Are you happy?
Probably not
Why are you laughing?
At all my discomfort
Do you think this is funny?
How's your girlfriend
Is she still annoying?

My parents ask how I'm doing
I guess it's the same
They want me to fix it
But I don't think I can
I don't even know what it is
I've always been this way
And I always waste my breath
Trying to explain

Hey how's your job?
Did you get a good one
In your field
Or whatever the fuck
You wasted four years for
Hunched over a book
Oh you like my band's new record?
Hey dude thanks a lot!
Track Name: Bail Time
I'm so tired of hearing all your excuses
About why you had to bail last week
Cause it's just like the last week
And the week before that

Why can't you see that when you're bailing on me
It fucking hurts my feelings
I must be so unappealing
For you to not even text me back

You say, "You're just like me
and I don't want to be me"
Well I don't want to be you either
In fact I don't want to be here at all